10 Money Saving Tips
for Vacationers on St. Maarten / St. Martin

Some people claim, St. Maarten is expensive, even more St. Martin. Yes, and no! Compared to, let's say, Antigua, Turks and Caicos or the Bermudas, this island has very moderate prices. Yes, it is more expensive than typical main land destinations in Europe, Canada or as in the USA (however, not necessarily true for groceries, restaurants, tobacco, liquor!). There are still plenty of opportunities to stay within a budget. Here ten tips for reducing your expenses: Money Savers

  1. Go local. Instead of calling a taxi, use a mini bus or "jitney". Just wait and wave at the road side. Typical fares are $ 1-2.00 per person per ride. Plan your trip, get a map!
  2. Buy at Cost-U-Less* in the Dutch part, when you require bigger quantities. Good choice of wine, US food, ... It's a Sams Club type of outlet, but very basic. No membership required.
  3. Fill gas at CADISCO* at their discount gas prices at 1 Euro = $1. There are two stations, one next to Orient Bay, and one at Marigot in direction to Nettle Bay. It's about 10 - 15 cents cheaper a liter than at other gas stations.
  4. If you smoke, a carton of Marlboro is as low as $ 23.00 Philipsburg at Tobacco Plaza*, side street, off Front Street 23 at Touch of Gems. If it has to be the US-version, Suki*, the supermarket in Quartier d'Orleans (French Quarter) has them for $19.60 a carton.
  5. Internet access at no cost? If you have a notebook with a WiFi card, try public access at the Philipsburg boardwalk area. Also some cafes offer free access, e.g. the Sunset Bar and Grill*.
  6. Can you say 'No' to a sales person? If so, get one of the timeshare promotion vouchers for a reduced rental car rate, or a free meal,and free drinks, often a value of $ 100. The flipside: You got to listen to the sales pitch for buying a timeshare slice. The vouchers are available at various locations, car rentals, along the road, on websites, who offer you freebies with the little string attached!
  7. You need to load your cooler? Shop at Netter* in Marigot/Bellevue, and get inexpensive wine and water, or see Leader Price* on the way to Orient Bay, and buy low priced beverages (Leader Price is presently under reconstruction after hurricane Irma).
  8. Most Casinos* offer free or low priced drinks in order to attract people.
  9. Several companies offer mobile phones for rent. Register with them and save phone cost. Another advantage is the connectivity, which some US-carriers do not provide.
  10. Departure day has come, you are early at the airport, check in is done, what to do? You may not wish to pay the high airport snack bar prices. Go left or right of the airport entrance and you find a few small restaurants on the lagoon side or at Maho Beach. Save and enjoy!
* All quoted companies are unrelated to us, and we don't get commission for referrals!

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