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Tropical paradise: Pinel Island

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Calm and crystal clear waters
The beach has shallow and calm waters, ideal for young kids, too!

Kids having fun on Pinel beach
Kids having fun on Pinel's Yellow Beach

Boat ride to Pinel island
Boat ride from Cul de Sac to Pinel, 5 min.

View at Le Karibuni bar on Pinel
View at Le Karibuni at one of the water front bar areas

Villa rentals near Pinel Island:

Waterfront Villa Pinel just oppposite the beach of Pinel in the scenic bay of Cul-de-Sac!
Fine waterfront! Villa Pinel at a few paddle strokes from Pinel Island!

Villa Aqua Zen
Private beach access!Waterfront villa with a charming flair: Villa Aqua Zen opposite Pinel Island
Sweet waterfront home with flair and style. Affordable for 2-4 guests: Villa Aqua Zen.

Karibuni Villa
Cosy 3 BR beachfront home for families!

This villa rental is on Park View
5 min from ferry station to Pinel Island!
• Pelican's Rock

Beaches on St Maarten/St Martin

Pinel Island: a tropical paradise
off French St Martin

Charming Pinel Island, or Isle Pinel, or in French Ilet Pinel or Ile de Pinel, is a tiny island on the north end of St. Martin, 5 minutes off the shores of French Cul de Sac, and a few hundred yards off the northwestern end of Orient Bay. A must see on your visit! It is the place where residents of St. Martin/St. Maarten go to relax, especially on weekends! The end of the road at French Cul de Sac opens onto a wide sandy area where visitors find "the ferry station", a dock, parking and a shack that rents out Kayaks. Vendors and small ferry boats are waiting there to run you over to Pinel for a fee of $7-8 dollars. Enjoy a wonderful short five minute taxi-boat ride on the pristine and shallow waters for a relaxing day of exploring, sunbathing, or a picnic on this tropical paradise!

Pinel Island St. Martin


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Pinel, a picture perfect paradise.
Pinel Island, a tropical sand point protected from the surf

Local girl on Pinel island
Local girl on
Pinel Island

The boardwalk to Karibuni beach bar
The boardwalk to Karibuni beach bar

The dock for the taxi boat on Pinel
The dock of the taxi boats that take you back to shore

The Paradise Gift Shop
The Paradise Gift Shop sells hats, beachwear, pareos, handcrafts, art, paintings....!

Fairwell to Pinel Island
Relaxing tropical setting and shallow waters make Pinel so popular!l

With lots of shallow waters, this paradise like sand point is protected from pounding surf. The water is calm and crystal clear, accompanied by beautiful beaches.

The water is calm and crystal clear

When you arrive on Pinel Island you will see a large sand spit. Behind that a stand of Coconut palm trees, and then a small hill that makes up this picture perfect paradise. There are no cars, no roads, (and of course no ATM!), however you will find a a few of beach bar restaurants, one is run by Frenchmen (Le Karibuni), the another one is "Yellow Beach", a local tiki-hut style place serving BBQ food, seafood and grilled fresh lobster.

Tiki hut at the Yellow Beach bar

The beach bars get their power supply by generators, by the way. Between these bars, hidden in the sea grape, there is the "Paradiso" gift shop (Tom´s Place), a treasure chest of Caribbean colors and unusual gifts.

As many others, Pinel is also a clothing optional
Pinel Island is also a clothing optional
(topless) beach, especially the north side.

Yellow beach at Pinel Island St. Martin
At the "Yellow Beach" Restaurant on Pinel

At Le Karibuni Restaurant on Pinel:
Karibuni Restaurant on Pinel
Great experience for lunch at Le Karibuni

Ideal for snorkeling for its coral reefs (there is a snorkel trail, too!), and also for sunbathing, as the main beach stays sun-drenched until the end of the day!

With lots of shallow waters, this paradise like sandpoint is protected from pounding surf.

Some people have been known to camp here overnight, but be aware that camping is not permitted as it is a nature preservation area!

At the Karibuni beach bar, they serve your drinks right away into the shallow water, if you wish!

At the Karibuni beach bar, they serve you drinks right away into the shallow water!

Le Karibuni beach bar restaurant
Karibuni beach bar restaurant on Pinel

Yellow beach at Pinel Island St. Martin
"Yellow Beach's" view towards Orient Bay

The boats dock on Pinel Island
Pinel's boat's dock for the "ferry' boats"

Vacation Rentals opposite of Pinel:

Perfect relaxing setting at this stylish home:
Waterfront home Villa pinel
Villa Pinel Family vacation across from Pinel

Contemporary style at this fine Villa!
Villa Cote Mer in picturesque Cul de Sac, opposite Pinel Island
Villa Cote Mer with a fabulous view of Pinel!

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