Island of Sint Maarten & Saint Martin

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The island of St. Maarten and St. Martin is an almost perfect place under the sun to get away from all.

Relax at some of the finest beaches in the Caribbean. Eat in the best restaurants of the “Gourmet Capital” of the Caribbean. Let us show you around!






The island of Sint Maarten is also known as the friendly island due to its warm and welcoming culture. Sint Maarten has so much to offer travelers from all over the world.  Beautiful beaches, delicious food and friendly people are part of what makes this island so special.  

Here at we want to be your online guide to this island, We travel to the island, talk to the people, and do the research needed to be able to find the best spots for you and your family to make the best of your trip to this beautiful island, whether it’s a short trip, or a long one.


Each month we highlight a different aspect of the island to be able to give you answers to the questions you didn’t know you have.

Dawn Beach Guide



The capital of Sint Maarten, Phillipsburg offers a variety of things to do for people of all ages. Duty free shops help you get the best deals, restaurants offer a delicious and beautiful dining experience, plus easy access to all corners of the island.


The main town on the French side of the island, Marigot is the regions capital. Come and enjoy the colorful houses and architecture and learn about it’s rich history. You’ll find it on the Caribbean Sea with a steady climate of hot and humid all year.

Orient Bay

A unique mix of a French town with Caribbean white beaches. Orient Bay let’s you enjoy the warmth of the Caribbean while experiencing a bit of French culture and food.

Maho Beach

This is the beach that you have seen in all the pictures with the planes flying just out of reach of the beachgoers. Come and enjoy the excitement, but please be careful and watch from a distance.

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A great resource to learn the history of these islands, from pre-colonial times until modern times.


A complete guide covering aspects from when to visit the island to how to get around once on the island.


Pouring down rain isn’t ideal when taking a tropical vacation, learn the best time to go and what to look out for when it comes to weather.


An in-depth look at how this island is laid out and what to expect when it comes to mountains, views and even soil types.


A unique island with two distinct cultures and a beautiful mix of the surrounding cultures. Here you can find out more details about Sint Maarten’s population.


It may be a small island but there’s so much to do and to see. Here you can find a list of the best places to visit so that you can make the most of your trip, whether long or short.


Thinking about doing business on the island? Learn about taxes, import and export and Sint Maarten’s main industries.

Border Division

This island is the only place in the world where France and the Netherlands share a border!

Travel Requirements

Everybody is welcome on the island, however there are important travel requirements you need to know!





All there is to know about Sint Maarten


What better place to go after the sun goes down than to Saint Martin’s world famous casinos? Come and get a cocktail at the bar and try your hand at the games here.


It’s called the Gourmet Capital for a reason, we’ve tasted the food at some of the best restaurants to give your taste buds a sneak peak at what’s in store.


Short on time, or not in the mood to explore on your own? See the best that the island has to offer with world class tour guides, showing you the best of the island.

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