Sint Maarten Holidays and Festivals

Sint Maarten is a Caribbean island with exciting holidays and festivals that are held each year on both the French and Dutch sides of the island. The unique blend of French and Dutch culture offers a memorable experience of diverse cuisines, fun musical activities, breath-taking island scenery and much more. The various Sint Maarten holidays and festivals occur at different times throughout the year.

The holidays and festivals in St. Maarten include historical and national observances, cultural celebrations with colorful costumes and lively music, exciting water sports, food and wine tasting opportunities, and much more. Some of the six best holidays and festivals in St. Maarten are listed below.

  1. Regatta
  2. Carnival
  3. Grand Case Festival
  4. Maarten Day
  5. Flavors of St. Maarten Food and Wine Festival
  6. Alliance Race
Holiday or Festival NameLocationDay(s)
RegattaSelected venues in Dutch St. Maarten3 days in March
CarnivalPhilipsburg21 days from April to May
Grand Case FestivalGrand CaseJuly 21st
St. Maarten DayDutch and French Saint MartinNovember 11th
Flavors of St. Maarten Food and Wine FestivalSelected venues in Dutch St. Maarten7 days in November
Alliance RaceSint Maarten Yacht Club in Simpson Bay3 days on selected days of St. Maarten’s sailing calendar

1. The Regatta

The Regatta is a 3-day sailing race in St. Maarten that occurs every year in the month of March at selected venues throughout the island. The Regatta event began in the year 1980 in Sint Maarten with only 12 boats participating in the event. The Regatta has grown in popularity over the years with at least 250 boats participating in the event in some years.

The main activity on the first day of the Regatta is a race around the island of St. Maarten. The second and third days of the Regatta have customized itineraries for the sailors which allow them to race in specially designed routes. The final day of the Regatta offers much enjoyment for all in attendance with celebrations that include dancing at live musical concerts, drinking at beer tents, shopping, eating local foods and much more.

2. Carnival

The Carnival festival in St. Maarten is a 3-week long festival that begins in the month of April and ends on the first weekend of the month of May. The Carnival festival is a celebration of St. Maarten’s culture and rich history. Carnival was first held in the 1970s and has developed over the years into a uniting lively celebration that attracts people from all over the world.

A custom-built village called the St. Maarten Carnival Village is set up during the Carnival festival period, for most of the activities. The Carnival celebration is observed on both the Dutch and French side of St. Martin, however most of the festivities are held in the capital town of Dutch Sint Maarten called Philipsburg. The celebrations include Caribbean food, singing, shopping, live reggae musical performances, drinking, pageants, partying, parading, and dancing through the streets of St. Maarten to calypso and soca music while dressed in flamboyant feathery Caribbean costumes.

3. The Grand Case Festival

The Grand Case Festival is a historical public holiday and celebration that is held in Saint Martin annually on the 21st of July. The festival occurs in the town of Grand Case on the French side of St. Martin. The Grand Case Festival was established to celebrate the official ending of slavery in St. Martin in the year 1848.

The Grand Case Festival features a whole day of a variety of activities such as a military parade, a religious ceremony, sporting activities and cultural festivities which are all held in historically symbolic places in the town of Grand Case. Some of the sporting activities include exciting sailing races off the coast of St. Martin. The cultural festivities during the Grand Case Festival include dancing to live Creole music while enjoying tasty local Caribbean dishes.

4. St. Maarten Day

St. Maarten Day is a public holiday that is held in Sint Maarten on the 11th of November each year. This public holiday was initiated in the year 1493 when Christopher Columbus discovered the island of Sint Maarten on November 11. This happened to be the same date of the feast day of St. Martin of Tours who was a celebrated Christian Saint in France.

St. Maarten Day is also known as Martinmas and is a customary time of feasting celebrations. Most businesses and schools are closed on St. Maarten Day since it is a public holiday for both Dutch and French Saint Martin. Families can enjoy music and dance at home as well as some local Caribbean dishes or they can opt to simply enjoy a relaxing and restful day from their usual activities.

5. The Flavors of St Maarten Food & Wine Festival

The Flavors of St. Maarten Food & Wine Festival is a culinary celebration that is often held in the month of November for at least 7 days in Sint Maarten’s Dutch capital called Philipsburg. The event was first held in 2007, this event allows world-class chefs in St. Maarten as well as other invited chefs the opportunity to showcase their culinary skills and share their tasty dishes with tourists and locals alike.

The Flavors of St. Maarten Food & Wine Festival has a program with a variety of culinary activities such as food and drink tastings of champagne, wine, cheese, amuse-bouche (French appetizers) and cocktails. There are also gourmet dinners showcasing some international cuisines during the Flavors of St. Maarten Food & Wine Festival. Some other activities that can be enjoyed during the festival include music and dancing at a beach party or other types of entertainment such as comedy shows.

6. The Alliance Race

The Alliance Race is a three-day sailing race in St. Maarten that is held on varying dates on St. Maarten’s sailing calendar. The Alliance race is held at the Sint Maarten Yacht Club in Simpson Bay on the Dutch side of St. Maarten.

The course of the Alliance Race has had differing destinations over the years. Some of the destinations that have been included in this race are neighboring islands such as Anguilla and St. Barths as well as local destinations on the island of Saint Martin such as Oyster Pond and Marigot Bay. The festivities at the end of the Alliance Race include tasty meals and wines at some of the local restaurants in St. Martin as well as music, dance, and tropical drinks at some of the fun and exciting beach bars and clubs on the island.

What is the importance of festivals in Sint Maarten’s culture?

The festivals in Sint Maarten have an importance in displaying the island’s culture. Some of the festivals feature local Caribbean music such as calypso and soca music, which is music that is frequently listened to and enjoyed in Saint Martin. The costumes that are worn during some festivals in St. Maarten also display the flamboyant culture and history of the island of Saint Martin and the people that live on it. The diverse food that is often enjoyed at the festivals in Sint Maarten showcases the mixture of cultures that have influenced St. Maarten such as the Creole, Caribbean, French and Dutch cultures as well as other influences.

How are the festivals in Sint Maarten celebrated?

The festivals in Sint Maarten are celebrated with many different activities. Some of the activities that are enjoyed at the festival celebrations in St. Maarten are listed below.

  1. Food and wine tasting
  2. Shopping
  3. Dancing
  4. Singing
  5. Wearing colorful costumes
  6. Parades
  7. Water sports such as boat racing
  8. Live musical concerts

Are festivals and holidays different between the two territories of Sint Maarten?

Yes, the festivals and holidays are different between the two territories of Sint Maarten. Dutch Sint Maarten and French Saint Martin have different cultural influences originating from the Netherlands and France. The historical festivals are also different because they are based on the differing historical perspectives that exist on both sides of the island. For example, the Grand Case Festival is a historical celebration that is unique to the French side of St. Martin, whereas the Carnival Festival is also primarily celebrated on the Dutch side of St. Maarten.

The Dutch side of the St. Maarten has more events and a more active party-scene than the French side of the island. There are more clubs in Dutch St. Maarten and a lot of exciting festivals with dancing, live music, water activities and more. The entertainment options are diverse and the duration for some of the festivals are often longer than those held on the French side of the island.

The French side of Saint Martin is more laid back with fewer festivals held in the region throughout the year. Much of the festivities on the French side of the island involve incredibly diverse French and Caribbean culinary experiences with fewer options for other types of entertainment. The duration of the festivals on the French side of Saint Martin are often shorter than Dutch Sint Maarten.