What to Pack and What to Wear in Sint Maarten?

When preparing for your trip to Sint Maarten it is common to think of what you will need to pack. A few things to consider when packing your suitcase for your trip to St. Maarten is that the climate is quite warm all year round, and the standard of dress is generally informal throughout the island. It is best to wear and pack lightweight clothes with cotton fabric. St. Maarten has a very easy, breezy, and laid-back island atmosphere, so the dress code is not too formal.

In St. Maarten, many tourists spend the majority of their time on the beach. Saint Martin has 37 different and amazing beaches to experience in so it’s important to pack enough swimwear according to the length of your stay, flips flops or sandals, beach towels, a swimsuit cover-up, sunglasses, a hat, sunscreen, and maybe even a book to read while relaxing on the beach.

When visiting St. Maarten and traveling abroad in general it is important to pack certain essentials with you including your passport, driver’s license and/or ID, your hotel and rental car confirmation, prescription medications, needed toiletries, and a small amount of cash in the local currency (Euros or Dollars). It is also a good idea to make copies or take pictures of important documents such as your passport, and driver’s license just in case something gets lost or stolen.

What kind of clothes are commonly worn in St. Maarten?

With the year-round warm weather in St. Maarten, it is typical to wear lightweight clothes with natural fabrics such as cotton. Some commonly worn items are T-shirts, polos, shorts, jeans, dresses, sandals, flip-flops, swimwear, and boat shoes.

The standard of dress in St. Maarten is generally informal. Swimwear is common for the beach but is not considered proper attire in town, so it’s best to bring a cover-up or a change of clothes.

During the day, when the weather is especially sunny and bright in St. Maarten, It is common for locals and tourists to wear sunglasses and hats to protect themselves from the sun. It is also important to remember to pack sunscreen for extra protection from the sun.

What clothes should men bring to Sint Maarten?

The attire that men should wear on the island of St. Maarten largely depends on the time of day it is. Certain clothes that should be worn during the day that men should pack for their trip to St. Maarten are T-shirts, polos, swimwear, sandals or water shoes, sneakers or boots, sunglasses, and a baseball cap or hat for the sun.

During the evening the attire should be a bit more dressy for men. Some of the clothes that would be good to pack are a blazer, collared shirt, button-up shirt, dark-colored jeans or dress pants, tailored shorts, and loafers or dress shoes. It would also be good to pack a pair of lightweight pyjamas for the evenings because the weather can be warm indoors at night.

What clothes should women bring to Sint Maarten?

Clothing that women should wear in St. Maarten also largely depends on the time of day it is. The clothing that women should pack for their time during the day in Saint Martin are T-shirts, shorts, dresses, swimwear, a sun hat, swimsuit cover-up or sarong, and sandals, flip flops, or water shoes.

For evenings the attire in St. Maarten is considered smart casual, some appropriate items of clothing to pack for an evening out are a dress, a skirt, tailored pants, dark washed jeans, a blouse, dress shoes, and a pair of wedges or heels. The temperature gets cooler outdoors in the evening so it would be good to bring a light jacket, scarf, or wrap.

What shoes should be taken to Sint Maarten?

Different types of shoes are needed for different occasions on the island of St. Maarten. Many tourists on the island spend the majority of their time on the beach, the types of shoes needed for this are sandals, flip flops, or water shoes. In the evenings it is common to wear dress shoes or loafers for men and ballet flats, dressy sandals, heels, or wedges for women. For those who are planning to go on walks or hikes in Saint Martin during their stay, it is recommended to pack comfortable boots or hiking shoes.

What to wear in the evening in Sint Maarten?

In Saint Martin, the evening weather tends to be a bit cooler than the day and is usually around 68 F (20 C). During the evenings many will bring a light jacket or wrap for warmth when the temperature gets a little cooler. Most venues in the evening expect a smart casual dress code so usually, no sneakers or swimwear is appropriate in these venues. For women either a blouse with tailored pants or a dress with sandals, wedges or heels is appropriate. For men long pants or tailored shorts and a collared shirt and dress shoes are acceptable. Mosquitos are common during the evenings in St. Martin, so it would be a good idea to bring insect repellent with you if you are at an outdoor venue during the evening.

Does it rain a lot in Sint Maarten?

No, it does not usually rain a lot on the island of Sint Maarten. Saint Martin receives an average of 40 inches of rainfall per year. The climate in St. Maarten is tropical, the temperature is warm, sunny and stays stable throughout most of the year. St. Maarten does have a rainy season between September to November but these rain showers usually last for short periods of time. It would be a good idea to pack a light jacket with you or an umbrella if you plan to travel to St. Maarten during these months.

What accessories should you bring to Sint Maarten?

Some accessories that you’ll find useful to bring with you to St. Maarten are listed below.

  1. Hat
  2. Sunglasses
  3. Beach bag
  4. Sunblock
  5. Beach towel
  6. Waterproof phone case
  7. Water shoes
  8. Flip flops
  9. Bug spray
  10. Swimsuit cover-up

What electronic devices should be taken to Sint Maarten?

Some electronic devices that you will find useful to bring with you on your trip to St. Martin are listed below.

  1. Phone + phone charger
  2. Portable charger
  3. Tablet or iPad
  4. Portable speaker
  5. Camera + camera charger
  6. Laptop + laptop charger
  7. Headphones
  8. Waterproof phone case
  9. Kindle
  10. Outlet adapter

What to have in your bag when going to Sint Maarten?

Some things that are important to keep in your bag during your trip to St. Maarten are listed below.

  1. Passport
  2. Portable charger/phone charger
  3. Copy of important documents (passport, driver’s license, etc.)
  4. Water bottle
  5. A little bit of cash in the local currency (Euros or Dollars)

Where should you go in Sint Maarten?

A list of some of the best places to see in St. Maarten that you should visit are listed below.

  1. Grand Case
  2. Topper’s Rum Distillery
  3. Maho Beach
  4. Loterie Farm
  5. Seaside Nature Park
  6. Orient Bay
  7. Pinel Island
  8. Guavaberry Emporium
  9. Simpson Bay
  10. Pic Paradis