How to Spend 10 Days in St. Maarten

St. Maarten is a beautiful destination in the Caribbean that has a lot of enjoyable activities for tourists to engage in. Tourists spending 10 days in St. Maarten have enough time to visit the entire island and enjoy the many activities that this beautiful Caribbean destination has to offer. When planning a visit to St. Maarten there are a few things to think about such as where to go on the island, what to do, where to eat, etc.

Some of the different activities available for tourists to enjoy in Saint Martin are things such as going to nightclubs, taking guided tours, going duty-free shopping, and participating in watersports like surfing, paddleboarding, hiking, and so on. Some different activities to enjoy in St. Maarten during a 10-day trip are listed below.

  1. Visit Ma Ti Beach Restaurant
  2. Visit Orient Bay Beach
  3. Anguilla Day Trip
  4. Catamaran Day Sail
  5. Lowlands Jet Ski tour
  6. Captain Alan’s Three Island Snorkeling Tour
  7. Saba Day Trip
  8. Visit Loterie Farm
  9. Visit Maho Beach
  10. Maarten Sightseeing Tour by Bike

1. Visit Ma Ti Beach Restaurant

Ma Ti Beach is a French and Caribbean restaurant with an exceptional beachfront location. Ma Ti Beach is located on Nettle Beach and is just 4.6 miles (1.3 km) from Princess Juliana International Airport. At Ma Ti Beach Restaurant Tourists can experience delicious local favorites such as fresh lobster from the tank and the traditional French onion soup with a cheesy crust.

Ma Ti Beach has vegetarian options, and their service is known for being friendly and kind. Some tourists say that out of all the restaurants in Nettle Bay or Baie Nettle, Ma Ti Beach probably has the best prices and the greatest portions. Ma-Ti Beach Restaurant is open from Wednesday to Monday from 12 PM to 3 PM.

Directions to Ma Ti Beach restaurant here.

2. Visit Orient Bay Beach

Orient Bay Beach is one of the most famous beaches in St. Martin. Orient Bay Beach is the only official “nude beach” on the island. Orient Bay Beach is located on French St. Martin and is located 9.2 miles (14.8 km) from Princess Juliana International Airport.

The weather in Orient Bay is usually sunny and warm. The weather at Orient Bay Beach is nicest between the months of April to August. At Orient Bay Beach, tourists can do a lot of different activities such as surfing, snorkeling, jet-skiing, paddle boarding, windsurfing, parasailing, banana boating, and more. Some places that tourists should visit near Orient Bay Beach are the Amuseum Naturalis and Kontiki.

There are a lot of delicious restaurants on Orient Bay Beach. Some of the best restaurants in Orient Bay are Sol e Luna, Astrolabe, Coco Beach, Waikiki Beach, and the Kakao Beach Bar & Restaurant which has been working for over 20 years and specializes in fine European cuisine.

Click here to discover more about Orient Bay Beach.

3. Anguilla Day Trip

The island of St. Martin is the perfect starting point to visit nearby islands like Anguilla which is an island that is known for having friendly locals and paradisaic beaches that are among the best beaches in the Caribbean.

There are a few ways to go to Anguilla from St. Maarten. The cheapest way to go to Anguilla from St. Maarten is to take a 25-minute ferry from the town of Marigot. Anguilla has some interesting activities for visitors to enjoy such as shopping, scuba-diving, hiking, plane-spotting, snorkeling, and visiting delicious nearby restaurants.

When visiting the island of Anguilla from St. Maarten something that tourists can consider is booking a private Charter Boat in St. Martin. There are four charter companies available that are GB Express, Calypso Charters, Funtime Charters, and Link Ferry Services. The price for these charters is around $166 (€159) per person.

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4. Catamaran Day Sail

Tourists can cruise on the clear waters of St. Martin during a 5-hour yacht excursion from Simpson Bay or Cole Bay, in Phillipsburg to meet both the French and Dutch sides of the island and to visit several beaches.

Tourists who take a Catamaran Day Sail can do some exciting activities such as stand-up paddleboarding, and snorkeling, and the most adventurous can try the Tarzan swing. The Catamaran Day Sail includes a homemade lunch and drinks. The group can be up to 20 people and the price is $119 (€114) per adult.

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5. Lowlands Jet Ski Tour

Tourists can ride jet skis along the Terres Basses area and enjoy and relish the excitement. During their jet ski tours, tourists might come across some turtles, manta rays, dolphins, or other famous aquatic species of St. Maarten.

To ride a jet ski, the rider must be at least 18 years old, and all the passengers must use life jackets provided by the Lowlands Jet Ski Tour. It is extremely important that pregnant women and children under five years of age should not use this attraction. The price for the Lowlands Jet Ski Tour is $120 (€115) per person and the activity is approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes long.

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6. Captain Alan’s Three Island Snorkeling Tour

The Three Island Snorkeling Tour is offered by a St. Maarten company called Captain Alan’s Boat Charters. Tourists taking this tour have the opportunity to visit the beautiful surrounding islands of St. Maarten such as the island of St. Barth’s, and the island of Anguilla while learning about nature and how to snorkel.

Captain Alan’s Three Island Snorkeling Tour has a 4-hour duration. The sailing vessels have comfortable seating for 14 to 16 guests and a cooler with drinks. Tourists can also rent the vessel for a private excursion. The price of the Captain Alan’s Three Island Snorkeling Tour is between $24 to $70 (€23 to €67) per person. The price of the tour may vary depending on the location of departure.

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7. Saba Day Trip

Tourists can visit the beautiful island of Saba from Simpson Bay in St. Maarten via the Edge Ferry. The edge ferry from Simpson Bay can reach the island of Saba in 75 to 90 minutes. Tourists also have the option of booking a tour that includes an 8-hour guided tour with a local guide.

Some things that can be done on the island of Saba are shopping, diving, exploring nature, or hiking. There are many items that tourists can buy during their day trip to the island of Saba such as local crafts such as jewelry, hand-blown glass, and artwork.

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8. Visit Loterie Farm

Loterie Farm is 135 acres of nature sanctuary with zip lines, pool areas, hiking trails, and a bar/eatery. Loterie Farm is located in the town of Rambaud on the French side of the island just 5.5 miles (8.8 km) from Princess Juliana International Airport. Tourists can visit Loterie Farm to explore the captivating nature of St. Martin.

Loterie farm allows visitors to relax and enjoy the stunning lush scenery. Visitors are also educated on what they can do to protect and encourage the growth of the forests. The activities at Loterie Farms are specifically designed to allow guests to have fun without disturbing the ecosystem.

At Loterie Farm, tourists walk across the forest canopy from tree to tree with moments to pause, reflect, and discover. Tourists can also take a selfie with a monkey. At the end of the tour, visitors can relax at the swimming pool for lunch in an open-air restaurant. Tourists can enjoy the best views on the island such as the windswept heights of Pic Paradis.

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9. Visit Maho Beach

Maho Beach is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the island of St. Maarten.  The reason Maho Beach is so popular is not just because of the powdery sand, the colorful coral reef, or even the crystal blue water. Maho Beach is one of the favorite locations in St. Martin because of its amazing location next to the Princess Juliana International Airport on the Dutch side of the island. It is a thrill for every tourist to see how the airplanes take off and land only a few yards above their heads when visiting Maho Beach.

A few of the most popular things to do for tourists in Maho Beach are enjoy the gorgeous sunsets, duty-free shopping, snorkeling, windsurfing, and taking pictures of the planes at the Princess Juliana International Airport. Maho Beach has a pretty exciting nightlife with different things to do such as visiting casinos, going to nightclubs, enjoying delicious cocktails, and seeing live entertainment.

More information about Maho Beach can be found here.

10. St. Maarten Sightseeing Tour by E-Bike

Visitors can explore St. Maarten by e-bike on a half-day tour guided by a local guide. During the tour, visitors can rest while listening to the guide’s insightful comments on the island’s history and take a lot of photos of the beautiful places.

On the Sint Maarten e-bike tour, tourists may visit some important places in St. Maarten such as the towns of Philipsburg, Marigot, and Fort Louis. Fort Louis provides tourists access to the highest point of the island for those stunning views of the nearby islands.

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What are the things you should know before spending 10 days in St. Maarten?

There are some important things to know before spending 10 days in St. Maarten. Some important things to know before spending 10 days in St. Maarten are listed below.

  1. Tourists should make sure to have some cash on them during their travels, the reason for this is that although there are some places that accept credit cards, small businesses accept cash only.
  2. People in St. Maarten speak English, Spanish, French, or Dutch.
  3. Martin is home to two nations: Sint Maarten and Saint Martin. The northern part of the island is owned by France and the southern part of the island is owned by The Netherlands.
  4. The island of St. Martin has 37 different beaches.
  5. Rideshare services such as Uber and Lyft do not exist in St. Maarten. However, there is public transportation like taxis or buses.
  6. The island of St. Martin is 365 sq ft (34 sq m) in length, so tourists can go from one part of the island to another in 30 to 45 minutes.
  7. Maarten is considered to be a relatively safe country.

What are the other things you can do in St. Maarten?

St. Maarten has different things to do for all types of visitors. Some of the best things to do in Sint Maarten are listed below.

  1. Enjoy the gorgeous views and breathtaking sunsets by taking a sunset sail from Simpson Bay.
  2. Watersports such as snorkeling and scuba diving are some of the most exciting and adventurous activities to participate in. Some of the best beaches for snorkeling in St. Maarten are Cupecoy Beach, Kim Sha Beach, and Mullet Bay Beach. Some of the best places for scuba diving in Saint Martin are The Maze, Carib Cargo, and The Bridge.
  3. Visit Fort Amsterdam. Fort Amsterdam is a historical monument located on top of the hill by Divi Little Bay, Phillipsburg.
  4. Ziplining down at the steepest zipline in the world is located in Rockland Estate Eco-Park.
  5. Try the different flavors of Topper’s Rhum at the Topper’s Rhum Distillery located in Cole Bay.
  6. Visit Marigot. Tourists who visit Marigot, the French capital of St. Maarten, say they feel like visiting France for a day.
  7. Make your own perfume in Grand Case. Most couples choose this activity when planning a romantic date.
  8. Watch planes from the sand at Maho Beach next to Princess Juliana International Airport.

What are the best months to visit St. Maarten?

The best months to visit St. Maarten depends on what the visitor wants to do. The best time to visit St. Martin is November until April because of the weather, the best hotel prices, and all the festivals. The middle of May to August is also a good time for families to visit the island of St. Martin because of the calm and relaxed ambiance.

What is the approximate time it takes to tour St. Maarten?

The amount of time it takes to tour the island of St. Maarten is ten days. Ten days would be the perfect time to enjoy a peaceful vacation and be able to visit all the important places.

There are some things that visitors with limited time can take into consideration when visiting St. Maarten: St. Maarten is big enough to visit from one point to another in 30 to 45 minutes by car. Also, there are local guided tours that can show the most important places on a day by foot, bike, or public transportation, and there are tours by boat that allow tourists to see the most beautiful beaches in St. Maarten in a day.

How much money do I need to bring to St. Maarten?

One person in St. Maarten may need approximately $1,818 (€1,691) for a week in Saint Martin. This money can cover food at restaurants, a hotel stay, drinks, public transportation, chairs at the beach, watersports activities, and tours around the island. In some places it is also possible to use a credit card, but some small businesses do not accept them. There are ATMs available on the island.

Is it expensive to visit Sint Maarten?

No, Sint Maarten is not considered an expensive place to visit. In fact, St. Maarten is duty-free, so all the things that tourists can buy have a better price in comparison with other countries.