8 Romantic Things to Do in St. Martin / St. Maarten

Many couples from all over the world choose to visit St. Maarten for their romantic getaways. St. Maarten is a gorgeous island in the Caribbean that has stunning scenery including sights such as gorgeous golden orange sunsets, glistening turquoise water, white powdery sand, and lush green swaying palm trees. The magnificent ambiance of St. Maarten makes it the perfect setting to fall in love or strengthen a romantic connection.

Couples will enjoy the friendly atmosphere of St. Maarten as well as the many activities that are available on the island for them to enjoy. Couples will enjoy exploring private beaches on the island as well as exploring the cultural aspects of both the French and Dutch sides of the island. The northern French side of the island of St. Martin is known for its exquisite cuisine and outstanding restaurants. The southern Dutch side of the island is known for its lively and dynamic nature with a plethora of bars and casinos. Both settings serve as wonderful settings for those in love to enjoy their time with each other.

Undoubtedly, couples will enjoy their romantic experience in St. Maarten away from the hustle and bustle of daily life and create memories with their significant other that they will never forget. The most romantic things to do in St. Martin / St. Maarten are listed below.

  1. Snorkeling
  2. Visit Loterie Farm
  3. Visit the French town of Marigot
  4. Enjoy a day at the spa
  5. Make your own perfume at Tijon Parfumerie
  6. Visit Orient Bay
  7. Have a romantic dinner in Grand Case
  8. Enjoy a Sunset Sail

1. Snorkeling

Couples can connect while exploring the colorful underwater life that can be seen in the clear blue water in St. Maarten. Snorkeling provides couples with a wonderful opportunity to view sea turtles and different types of fish such as parrot fish, angel fish, lionfish, and more.

There are many wonderful beaches in St. Maarten where couples can choose to snorkel such as Baie Rouge, Pinel Island, Orient Bay, Cupecoy Beach, Mullet Beach, and others. There are many excursions and tours that couples can book that will take them to several snorkeling spots on the island, many of these tours cost from $75 to $250 (€75 to €250) per person. Many of these tours also include lunch and even take you to nearby islands to St. Maarten such as Anguilla, St. Barths, and Saba.

Couples can also choose to rent snorkel equipment and go on their own to the beaches in St. Maarten rather than taking a tour. The cost of snorkeling in St. Martin varies depending on how you decide to acquire the gear needed. Purchasing snorkel gear normally costs between $40 to $110 (€34 to €94) per person, renting snorkel equipment for the week can cost from $18 to $42 (€15 to €36) per person, and renting snorkel gear for a half-day snorkel tour can cost $38 to $160 (€32 to €138) per person.

2. Visit Loterie Farm

Loterie Farm is a perfect place for couples who are looking to relax in a luxurious outdoor environment. Loterie Farm is a private nature reserve located on the hillside of Pic Paradis in French Saint Martin. Loterie Farms is 100 acres of lush greenery and is a serene nature sanctuary that has lovely views of gorgeous green mountains and swaying green palm trees. The scenery is sure to create a serene environment for any couple on a romantic escape.

Loterie Farm offers many activities for couples whether they’re looking to relax and lounge by the pool or take an exciting and vigorous hike. There are many different cabanas for lounging in the sun, many different pools and jacuzzis throughout the premises, ziplining courses, hiking trails, and obstacle courses, as well as many poolside restaurants and bars.

Loterie Farm is open Tuesday through Sunday from 9 am to 3:30 pm. Prices for the different activities can vary. Access to the hiking trails costs around $6 (€5) per person or $30 (€26) per person with a guide. Ziplining courses normally cost around $46 (€40) per person. There are options to rent Cabanas for couples for $98 (€85) or up to 10 people for $256 (€220). No matter what you decide to do at Loterie Farm, it will no doubt be an unforgettable experience during your trip to St. Maarten.

3. Visit the French town of Marigot

Couples who are visiting St. Martin will find themselves enthralled by the lovely and quaint French town of Marigot. Marigot is the French Capital on the French side of Saint Martin. Couples can enjoy strolling the streets and exploring the town and shopping at the local stands at the Marigot market. Many who visit the town of Marigot feel as if they are visiting France for the day.

Couples can also enjoy the delicious French food that is available in the town of Marigot. The cuisine on this side of the island of St. Martin is known for being exquisite and unlike anywhere else in the Caribbean. Some attractions that couples might enjoy during their visit to Marigot are Fort Louis, the Marigot Wall of Art, and the Marigot Market.

Couples are sure to experience a romantic day while exploring the town of Marigot, they will undoubtedly create memories they cherish forever.

4. Enjoy a day at the spa

There are many spas and wellness centers available on both the French and Dutch sides of St. Martin where couples can let their troubles melt away and have a romantic experience as they enjoy different spa treatments. Many of the spas in St. Maarten offer discounts for couples’ massages and treatments. Some of the treatments offered by the spas in St. Maarten include body scrubs, facials, mani-pedis, body massages, hot stone treatments, and much more. Some of the best spas in St. Maarten are listed below.

  1. Christian Dior Spa
  2. La Samana Spa
  3. Good Life Spa
  4. Remova Spa
  5. Hibiscus Spa

A trip to one of the spas in St. Maarten will be the perfect romantic experience that will spark and strengthen a romantic connection. Many of the spas have different treatments that vary in price depending on the treatment chosen.

5. Make your perfume at Tijon Parfumerie

Making their own perfumes and colognes is an exciting and unique experience that couples can bond over at Tijob Parfumerie. Tijon Parfumerie is located in Grand Case, French Saint Martin. Here couples can create their own custom scents and have them made into a perfume, cologne, lotion, massage oil, or linen mist.

Couples can even take a perfume-making class where the staff guides each visitor through selecting their scents from 300 different oils. Each class ranges from 60 to 90 minutes. The prices of the perfume-making classes range from $99 to $165 (€85 to €142) per person.

Tijon Parfumerie is one of the most unique experiences that can be had in St. Martin. Couples can take advantage of the opportunity to discover their creative sides together and create a scent that will remind them of their lovely romantic getaway in St. Maarten.

6. Visit Orient Bay

The atmosphere of Orient Bay in French Saint Martin is one that couples will fall in love with during their trip to St. Martin. Orient Bay is one of the most popular areas in St. Maarten and is affectionately called the “St. Tropez of the Caribbean”. Many who visit Orient Bay Beach feel as if they have taken a trip to France for the day which is perfect for couples who enjoy experiencing different cultures. Orient Bay Beach has been compared to the chic and pristine beaches of Southern France, the beach has a very stunning natural beauty with fluffy white sand, sparkling blue water, and lush and green palm trees.

Orient Bay Beach is also known for being the only official nude beach on St. Martin. Couples can enjoy lounging on the beach and soaking in the rays of the sun while being unencumbered by clothing. Couples traveling to Orient Bay beach will no doubt enjoy the island atmosphere along with the European flair. There are a large variety of upscale restaurants that feature live entertainment and a wide array of water sports to participate in near the beach such as snorkeling, surfing, windsurfing, parasailing, banana boating, jet skiing, and more. The paradisiac beauty that can be experienced at Orient Bay Beach will leave couples longing to plan their return.

7. Have a romantic dinner in Grand Case

Couples looking for a romantic dinner while in St. Maarten will have to look no farther than Grand Case in French Saint Martin. Grand Case is referred to as the culinary capital of the entire island of St. Maarten. Grand Case is known for its exquisite cuisine that is derived from the over 120 different nationalities that exist on the island.

Couples can explore the streets of Grand Case and pick from one of the dozens of gourmet restaurants and cafes that can be found there lined along “Boulevard de Grand Case”.  The modern cuisine of Saint Martin can be described as a fusion of European and local Caribbean cuisine. Couples will undoubtedly find an artful blend of island flavors and delicacies cooked in a traditional French manner at any of the restaurants in Grand Case.

8. Enjoy a sunset sail

One of the most romantic experiences that can be shared with a significant other in St. Maarten is taking a sunset sail. Couples can enjoy the gorgeous views and stunning sunsets on the island during their sunset sail. Some sailing tours also feature onboard dance parties which are perfect for couples who are looking to dance the night away while gazing at the golden sky.

There are many tours and excursions that are available so that visitors can experience this. Most of the sunset sail tour boats depart from Simpson Bay and Phillipsburg in Dutch Sint Maarten. These tours are perfect for couples, families, and anyone looking to enjoy the beautiful golden orange sunsets.

The prices of these Sunset Sail tours range from $55 to $150 (€47 to €129) per person. These sunset sail tours usually last from 2 to 6 hours and some of them even offer dinner and delicious cocktails to enjoy while soaking in the sunset on the boat or catamaran. This is an unforgettable experience that any couple will cherish during their trip to St. Martin.

What is the best month to go to St. Maarten?

The best month to go to St. Maarten is the month of April. The reason for this is that during April there are no large crowds of tourists on the island, so those visiting St. Maarten can enjoy more activities without dealing with the crowds. Rates for hotel rooms are usually lower during the month of April due to it not being the peak tourist season on the island. April is also a time during the year when temperatures on the island are warm and the risk of rain is low.

What are the best places to do snorkeling?

Snorkeling is one of the top activities that couples can enjoy while on their romantic getaway in St. Maarten. Some of the best places to go snorkeling in Sint Maarten are listed below.

  1. Mullet Bay: Located on St. Maarten’s southwestern coast,  just around the corner from the infamous Maho Beach. Mullet Bay beach has an easily accessible and gorgeous coral reef that is teeming with undersea life. The coral reef is located at the northern end of the beach.
  2. Cupecoy Beach: A neighboring beach to Mullet Bay, the reef at Cupecoy Beach is home to a multitude of colorful reef fish. Tourists can gain access to the beach from the Sapphire Beach Club.
  3. Dawn Beach: Situated on St. Maarten’s far eastern coastline, the reef at Dawn Beach is another great snorkeling spot that has easy beach access. Dawn Beach is located on the windward side of St. Martin, this causes the water at Dawn Beach to have more waves than other beaches on the island, for this reason, snorkeling at Dawn Beach is more suitable for experienced swimmers.
  4. Baie Rouge (David’s Hole): Famed for its reddish sands, Baie Rouge (Red Bay) is located in the Les Terres Basses region of northwestern St Martin. The main attraction is David’s Hole which is a collapsed sinkhole and coral reef that extends out a few hundred feet from the shoreline. Couples on a romantic getaway can see plenty of marine life here such as sea turtles and different kinds of fish. David’s Hole near Baie Rouge is considered one of the best snorkeling spots on the island of St. Martin.
  5. Creole Rock: Situated north of Grand Case is Creole Rock which is a popular spot on the island for snorkeling. This is an area that is suited for more experienced swimmers. Creole Rock is known for its crystal clear waters which makes it easier to see beautiful tropical fish.
  6. Pinel Island: Located off the northeastern shore of St. Maarten near Orient Bay, Pinel island offers fantastic opportunities for couples to enjoy a portion of the day snorkeling. Pinel island is located in a protected Marine Reserve and can be reached by a short ferry trip across the lagoon from the town of Cul de Sac. Many tourists love the Pinel Island Marine Trail, which is a designated snorkeling trail, marked with white buoys, that will take you safely along the coral reef. You can expect to see plenty of colorful reef fish, stingrays, and sea turtles.
  7. Orient Bay Beach & nearby islands (Petite Clef, Caye Vetri & Tintamarre): There are several smaller islets and rocks in and around Orient Bay, as well as the larger Ile Tintamarre a couple of miles offshore, all of which also offer some superb snorkeling options. However, due to their distance from shore, most can only be reached on an organized St Martin snorkeling tour.

What are the romantic places in St. Martin / St. Maarten?

There are many places in Saint Martin where couples can visit and enjoy their time together. Some of the romantic places in St. Martin / St. Maarten are listed below.

  1. Grand Case
  2. Marigot
  3. Front Street
  4. Pinel Island
  5. Orient Bay
  6. Simpson Bay Beach
  7. Baie Rouge
  8. Baie Longue
  9. Baie aux prunes
  10.  Anse Marcel Beach

What are the romantic night things to do in St. Martin / St. Maarten?

There are many romantic things to do in St. Maarten for couples looking to enjoy an evening with their significant other. Some exciting evening activities for couples are listed below.

  1. Take a sunset Sailing tour
  2. Have dinner in Grand Case
  3. Dance at nightclubs in Simpson Bay
  4. Have a picnic on the beach at sunset
  5. Have a drink at one of the bars in Dutch Sint Maarten

What are the approximate prices in St. Martin / St. Maarten?

In Saint Martin, $1,500 (€1,473) per month would cover costs such as food, shopping costs, utilities, entertainment costs, and other personal care costs. Additionally, the average cost of rent in St. Martin ranges from $900 to $2,200 (€883 to €2,160) per month.

The cost of living in St. Maarten is relatively expensive when compared with other islands in the Caribbean. St. Martin is an island where the economy is based on tourism so many of the prices are geared towards tourists. The prices of food can be relatively high because of this.

What are the most romantic beaches in St. Maarten?

Many of the beaches in St. Maarten are the perfect setting for couples looking for a romantic getaway. Many of the romantic beaches in Saint Martin are located on the French side of the island. These beaches are known for their rugged natural beauty and serenity. The beaches on the French side of the island are also known for having fewer crowds than on the Dutch side of the island, this is perfect. Some of the most romantic beaches in St. Maarten are listed below.

  1. Baie Rouge
  2. Happy Bay Beach
  3. Grand Case Beach
  4. Baie Aux Prunes
  5. Baie Longue
  6. Pinel Island
  7. Cupecoy Beach
  8. Orient Bay
  9. Anse Marcel Beach
  10. Mullet Bay Beach
  11. Kim Sha Beach
  12. Little Bay Beach
  13. Great Bay Beach
  14. Dawn Beach
  15. Simpson Bay Beach

What are the islands with the most romantic things to do near St. Maarten?

St. Maarten is surrounded by several islands in the Caribbean where there are romantic things to do. Couples can enjoy snorkeling and lounging on the sand in the sun while enjoying delicious local foods. Some of the best islands with romantic activities for couples to enjoy are listed below.

  1. Pinel Island
  2. Tintamarre Island
  3. Anguilla
  4. Saba
  5. St. Barths

Are there travel package deals for St. Martin?

Yes, there are certain travel package deals associated with many of the hotels in both French St. Martin and Dutch St. Maarten. Some of these deals include a lower price for staying at the hotel for a certain amount of days. Many of the hotels in St. Maarten are all-inclusive and cover the cost of food, drink, and lodging in the overall booking price. Some of the hotels that offer package deals have the deals available for everyone to access on their website. Some of the hotels that offer travel package deals for St. Martin are listed below.

  1. The Villas at Simpson Bay Beach Resort and Marina
  2. Oyster Bay Beach Resort
  3. The Morgan Resort Spa Village
  4. The Simpson Bay Resort, Marina & Spa
  5. The Sonesta Ocean Point Resort