What Are St. Maarten’s Best Local Rums?

Rum is an alcoholic beverage that is closely linked to the culture of St. Maarten. Rum has been a part of St. Martin’s history and culture for decades; it is often a staple of many of the holidays and festivals that are celebrated annually on the island. Not only is rum widely consumed in St. Maarten, but it is also made locally, this is a huge point of pride for many of the locals on St. Maarten who consider the rum that is made in St. Maarten to be the best rum in the entire Caribbean.

Rum is the most popular drink in St. Maarten and is most widely consumed on the Dutch side of the island. The Dutch side of St. Maarten is known for its plethora of exciting and joyous activities that tourists and locals alike can engage in. Rum is one of the alcoholic drinks that contribute to the island’s vibrant and happy nature that keep tourists coming back to St. Maarten year after year. In fact, there are many rum distilleries that are located on the Dutch side of the island where tourists can learn about the exciting process in which rum is made. The legal drinking age in St. Maarten is 18 years old.

There are different types of rum that are commonly consumed in Saint Martin, these are “rum” and “rhum”. The difference between these two types of rum is that “rum” is always made using molasses and “rhum” is made using freshly pressed sugar cane juice. Both of these types of rum are commonly consumed in St. Maarten and throughout the entire Caribbean.

There is a wide selection of different locally made rums in St. Maarten. The most popular rums that are made locally in St. Maarten are listed below.

  1. Ma Doudou Rhum
  2. Guavaberry Rum
  3. Topper’s Rhum
  4. Busco Rhum

1. Ma Doudou Rhum

Ma Doudou Rhum is a specialty homemade rum that has been produced on the island of St. Maarten for over 20 years. Ma Doudou Rhum is known for its high quality and delicious taste that comes in a variety of flavors such as vanilla banana, mojito, coconut, ginger, passionfruit, and more. Ma Doudou Rhum is available in most of the large and small liquor stores in St. Maarten.

The process for making Ma Doudou rhum is elegant yet simple. First, sugar cane syrup is poured into a bottle, then the different combinations of fruits are added for flavor, and then the mixture is left to ferment for approximately two or three months. The quality of their rhum, the flavors used, and their hand-made painted bottle make Ma Doudou Rhum one of the most popular locally made rhums in Sint Maarten. A one-liter (33oz) bottle of Ma Doudou Rhum contains 30% alcohol and costs approximately $10 (€9).

2. Guavaberry Rum

Guavaberry Rum store

Guavaberry rum is the national liqueur of both the French and Dutch sides of the island of Saint Martin. Guavaberry rum is made from guava berries that grow abundantly in the hills of St. Maarten, these berries have a tart and sweet flavor to them. These guava berries are harvested, washed, and mixed with oak-aged rum and cane sugar. This unique drink has a spectacular flavor that is described by some as fruity, fresh, sweet, and tart with spicy notes. A 20ml (0.68oz) bottle of Guavaberry Rum contains at least 35% alcohol and costs around $16.95 (€14.79).

3. Topper’s Rhum

Topper’s Rhum bottles

Topper’s Rhum is made by blending all of the natural flavors that are characteristic of the tropics such as coconut, pineapple, mocha, and more with premium Caribbean rum. Indeed, Topper’s Rhum has 24 medals for the quality and taste of their rums and is packaged in beautiful colored glass bottles with swing top closures. The bottles are collectibles and reusable as vases, decorative glass, salt & pepper shakers, water bottles and so much more.

Many enjoy Topper’s Rhum by pouring it over ice cream, mixing it with cocktails or frozen drinks, or adding other flavors to it. Topper’s Rhum contains 21% alcohol and costs $16 (€14) per 750 ml (25 oz) bottle. Topper’s Rhum comes in a variety of different flavors such as Caribbean white rhum, banana vanilla cinnamon rhum, spiced rhum, mocha mama rhum, coconut rhum, and white chocolate raspberry rhum.

4. Busco Rhum

Busco Rhum is a clear rhum that is made using fermented sugar cane juice and other ingredients such as cinnamon, lime, coconut, coffee, mango, and more. Busco Rhum is aged for four years in barrels that previously housed whiskey and bourbon, all of these ingredients create a mixture that is full of flavor. Many find the light brown color and rich taste of Busco Rhum to be both surprising and delectable. Busco Rhum comes in a variety of flavors such as passionfruit, spice, and coffee. Each bottle of Busco Rhum contains 24% alcohol and costs $7.56 (€6.63).

What is the drinking culture of St. Maarten?

Alcoholic beverages have a strong presence in St. Maarten’s culture. Saint Martin is an island that is known for its bustling nightlife, festive celebrations, and joyous nature. There are a variety of alcoholic beverages that are consumed during different festivals and celebrations in Sint Maarten throughout the year such as rum, beer, wine, cocktails, and Dutch liquors.

The most popular drinks in St. Maarten are Guavaberry Rum, piña coladas, planter’s punch, jenever, wine and mojitos. There is a wide variety of drinks available in St. Maarten because of the vast number of cultural influences the island has seen over the years such as the French, Dutch, African, Caribbean, and American cultures. Many alcoholic beverages are offered in restaurants, nightclubs, casinos, hotels and can be purchased at different liquor stores throughout the island. The drinking culture in St. Martin is definitely one that is well-known throughout the Caribbean.

What is St. Maarten’s national rum?

The national rum of St. Maarten is Guavaberry Rum.

What are the best flavors of rum in St. Martin?

The best flavors of rum in St. Martin are listed below.

  1. Guavaberry: Guavaberry is not only the national alcoholic beverage of St. Maarten, but it’s also one of the most popular flavors of rum on the island. A 20ml (0.68oz) bottle for just $16 (€14).
  2. White chocolate and raspberry: This astounding flavor is suitable for sipping on ice as well as for mixing with a variety of cocktails. A 750ml (25oz) bottle for just $18 (€15).
  3. Coconut: It doesn’t get any more Caribbean than this! A 750ml (25oz) bottle for just $16 (€14).

What does guavaberry liqueur taste like?

Guavaberry liqueur has a totally unique flavor that can be described as fruity, woody, sweet, and sour with spicy notes. Each bottle of guavaberry liqueur contains approximately 35% alcohol, some of the bottles that are left longer to mature can contain up to 40% alcohol.

Can you drink guavaberry liqueur straight?

Yes, many enjoy drinking guavaberry liqueur straight, or without mixing it with anything. Guavaberry liqueur can be consumed in a variety of ways such as straight in a rum glass, over ice, or by mixing it in a cocktail. However, due to the high alcohol percentage in guavaberry liqueur, it is best to drink the beverage slowly so as to ease the effects of the liqueur and to avoid operating a motor vehicle or heavy machinery either while drinking it or soon after drinking it.

How much alcohol do the rums of St. Martin contain?

St. Martin’s rums can range in alcohol content from 21% to 40%, depending on the type of rum.

Where can you buy rums in St. Martin?

In Saint Martin, rum can be bought at local stores, liquor stores, souvenir shops, and supermarkets. Different stores in St. Martin where you can buy rum are listed below.

  1. Amsterdam Cheese and Liquor Store
  2. Guavaberry Emporium
  3. Rhum Island
  4. Cannegie Liquor Store
  5. Gulmohar’s (Whiskey Paradise)
  6. Caribbean Liquors St. Maarten
  7. Ma Doudou
  8. Colombier Tradition
  9. Caribbean Brewing Company
  10. Juggie’s Place

The liquor stores listed above are some of the best shops in St. Martin for tourists and locals to purchase rum.

What do local rums cost in St. Martin?

The local rum costs in St. Martin are listed below.

  1. Ma Doudou rhum 1L (33oz): $10 (€9)
  2. Guavaberry rum 20ml (0.68oz): $16 to$29 (€14 to€25)
  3. Toppers rhum 750ml (25oz): $16 (€14)
  4. Busco rhum 1L (33oz): $20-$40 (€17-€35)

Rum is an important part of the economy in St. Martin, as well as the island’s culture.

What other Caribbean islands similar to St. Maarten are known for rum?

Other Caribbean Islands known for rum similar to St. Maarten are Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Barbados, Grand Cayman, and Grenada. These countries are similar to St. Maarten in their wide consumption of rum during special occasions and celebrations that are held annually in each respective country.